On-Boarding with BBQ. Delicious!

I spend a good deal of time working with companies on their on-boarding strategies. In my experience few are good at this step in the hiring process. This is a shame, because on-boarding is a critical part of the retention equation.

Recently, one of our clients did something in the on-boarding process so classy that it needed to be shared. I wish I could take credit, but this was completely the idea of the Managing Partner.

Our client hired a Controller tasked with not only the Controller role, but also some very strong firm-wide management duties. The future management of the firm is largely in this new hire’s hands. This is a critical position and relationship skills will be crucial to the success of this Controller.

The firm effectively managed the early stages of the on-boarding process — a professional and welcoming offer letter, clear explanation of benefits, a thorough office tour, and IT ensured that equipment was ordered and prepared for the new hire. But then they went above and beyond — and I have to believe that it will make a huge difference for years to come.  The partners threw a “welcome to the firm” party on the Sunday before the Controller started.

It was a BBQ at one of the partner’s home. The entire staff was invited to meet the new Controller in this very relaxed environment. Guests were encouraged to stop by for 10 minutes or stay for several hours. Families were invited as well. What a great way to kick-off relationships for this key hire. And what a great message to the entire team, as well as the Controller.

Yes — difficult to find the time. But so worth it! What a great example of on-boarding with a bit of extra sauce!

Can you implement something like this in the onboarding process for your next hire?

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Dan Erling