Talent + Cultural Fit = Success.

Capabilities and skill sets are just a small part of the challenge. CEOs know the huge value of having employees who share vision, values and cultural attitude. Success requires that a candidate not only be competent in a specific role or set of skills. It also requires a cultural fit. Truly effective hiring focus is 25 percent on capabilities and 75 percent on behavioral and cultural integration!

New hires that share the vision, values, attitudes and behaviors of the organization’s culture “fit.”  Motivated and energized, they add more value to the company.

Your success depends on hiring well. But how do you do it? MATCH 

Dan Erling, the president and CEO of Accountants One, an accounting recruiting and staffing firm, spent a decade studying the practices involved in thousands of successful and unsuccessful hires – what worked, what didn’t work. The result: the MATCH Process.  Dan wrote MATCH – A Systematic, Sane Process for Hiring the Right Person Every Time, published by John Wiley & Sons, to help companies become successful not in finding good hires but the right hires. 

Dan also applies the principles in his recruiting and staffing firm, Accountants One. 

On this site you’ll find an overview of the MATCH process, a link to the book, downloadable resources to assist you in executing the MATCH process, and information on why hiring well is so critical.  You can also learn about the services offered by Dan and Accountants One – an accounting recruiting and staffing firm with a 93 percent success rate in CFO, Controller and other accounting placements. 

“The success of the MATCH process has been proven over thousands of hires leading to a 90%+ placement success rate. I would be honored if you find value in the MATCH hiring process.”  – Dan Erling, Author of MATCH & CEO of Accountants One  

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