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Based on author Dan Erling’s experience with best practices from over a thousand companies, MATCH gives you a rock-solid, practical process for hiring.

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Based on author Dan Erling’s experience with best practices from over a thousand companies, maTch gives you a rock-solid, practical process for hiring. With MATCH, your hiring team will develop a systematic process that fits with the company’s overall mission, giving your company the people it needs to succeed every time!

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Dan Erling is president and CEO of Accountants One, a recruiting firm dedicated to attracting, hiring, and retaining the best in Accounting and Financial Talent.

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MATCH is a system of best practices that virtually guarantees you hiring success. MATCH is based on a decade of data collection over thousands of hires. I meticulously collected strategies that great companies utilize in consistently recruiting, hiring and retaining great people. The result is MATCH: A Systematic, Sane Process for Hiring the Right Person Every Time.

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“People decisions are the ultimate — perhaps the only — control of an organization. People determine the performance capacity of an organization. No organization can do better than the people that it has.” — Peter Drucker