The Process

MATCH is a system of best practices that virtually guarantees you hiring success. MATCH is based on a decade of data collection over thousands of hires. I meticulously collected strategies that great companies utilize in consistently recruiting, hiring and retaining great people.

The Match Process

A Systematic, Sane Process for Hiring the Right Person Every Time.

The MATCH process has proven to be effective across all hiring disciplines. I have been asked to speak to hiring managers around the world – sharing the best practices of MATCH with hiring managers in Paris, France; Beijing, China; and, London, England.

Recruiting & Staffing

The area where MATCH has been most widely used is in the Accounting Finance space. MATCH has been instrumental in the hiring process for numerous CFOs, Controllers, Accounting Managers, Audit Managers, Tax Directors, etc., but MATCH is also being utilized in the successful hiring of Clerical Accountants, Revenue Cycle Accountants, Audit and Tax Departments, and even Data Entry Projects.

The MATCH process is the cornerstone of my Recruiting and Staffing Firm – Accountants One. The value of the process can be seen in the stellar success ratings of the firm. Using a twelve-month trailing audit, Accountants One has never dropped below 90%, and has been as high as 98%. This is an industry where a 60% success rate is considered acceptable.

Intially the proccess does demand more time from the hiring team on the front-end. Further, the process demands a greater level of mutual trust from both parties, for teams looking to hire exceptional talent, these far outweigh the of an exceptional hire.

“The success of the MATCH process has been proven over thousands of hires leading to a 90%+ placement success rate. I would be honored if you find value in the MATCH hiring process.”